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The ACU footer completes every ACU page design. It promotes ACU's social channels, highlights important links, incorporates ACU's statements such as on copyright and an Acknowledgment to country.

Best practice

  • Repeat important site links or tasks because users often scroll to the very bottom of a page not having found what they are after. This provides them with an instant to glance through the footer in case they may find their link there.
  • At the same it is important to keep the footer uncluttered to maintain scannability. The footer has less space to repeat all of the header navigation.
  • Headings for lists of links in the footer do not need to mirror headings used in header navigation as the list of links may be different, a more concise list. These headings should aid the user find the links they are after as they scan the footer.
  • The footer may also be a good place to showcase awards, badges and security certificates indicating that the website and ACU are trustworthy.

Related UI components


Whenever feasible, the ACU footer should part of all ACU website designs at the base of every page. It's content may be tailored to the site's target audience. For example, public facing ACU sites should use similar content as in the footer on the ACU public site.


In its standard format (e.g. ACU public site), the ACU footer is made up of:

  • a $purple--100 background, full-width
  • columns of site links as lists each under a relevant heading, on the left side of the footer
  • two columns, one containing ACU social links as icons and the other containing AskACU, on the right side of the footer
  • a row of required links such as ACU's privacy policy, on the left of the footer, in small text style
  • a line of required information such as ACU's copyright and CRICOS number, on the right of the footer, in small text style
  • an Acknowledgment of country statement, centered and bottom of the footer, in small text style.



Examples in action

ACU footer