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ACU has a standard email template as well several electronic direct marketing (eDM) templates.

They all have a $purple--100 background header and footer.

Best practice

  • Arial, as a sans-serif font, is easier to read on-screen than Georgia.
  • Header: Add a link to an online version of your email.
  • Header: Snippet text is one of the most popular trends at the moment, as many email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and the iOS mail app allow you to show snippet or preview text (usually limited to 100 characters or less).
  • Ideal email width is 500 to 650 pixels.
  • A vertical layout is preferred over a horizontal one.
  • A table of contents should be used if you have a lot to cover in a restricted space.
  • Footer: “Why are you receiving this email?” line that will diminish chances of your emails going to spam folders.
  • Footer: The introduction of block functionality by email clients like Gmail empowers subscribers to “block” a sender, which will ensure they’ll never receive an email from that sender again. Too many blocks can be detrimental to your sender reputation. Make sure you do not hide the unsubscribe button.