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ACU has a library of icons chosen to best support our brand as well as to help communicate meaning.

Our icons serve purposes such as to aid wayfinding and as support to links and call-to-actions.


When using icons refer back to the design principles, in particular Confidence through clarity. The purpose of the icon suite and its usage is to add clarity and consistency through all ACU communication and aids in navigation. They should be used with a purpose rather than a decorative element.

Icon viewer

Icon library  

Alternative usage

If the above is not possible, contact to obtain icons either SVGs or PNGs. Also contact us for new icon requests.


Wayfinding icons

Right arrow Left arrow Down arrow Left chevron Close Complete

Examples in action

Icon for ACU's social channels

These icons should be used when referring to ACU's social channels. When referring to social platforms generally, use the default social media icons which do not end in '_ACU'.

Icon color combinations

icon color combinations - foreground and background