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ACU logo

The ACU logo is the main symbol of the ACU brand. As such it should be given a prominant placement on each page.


The ACU logo is made up a shield symbol, the ACU wordmark and the ‘Australian Catholic University’ wording. The shield houses the cross; the symbol par excellence of the Church; within a lozenge shape symbolic of rectitude and strength. The Trinity, a fundamental doctrine, is reflected in the trefoils on the ends of the three segments of the pointed cross.

Best practice

  • The ACU logo should be placed on the top left corner of the header of every page.
  • Consider linking the logo back to the ACU public homepage - - so users that become lost in a 'silo' site are still able leave it and re-start their journey from the ACU homepage which links out to all our main websites.
    • If the portal site is specifically for one of the following audiences, current students or staff, then consider linking the logo to their homepages respectively - Student Portal (// or Staff site (//
  • The logo should be used only once on a page.
  • The logo is available with a $purple--100 or $white (transparent) background.
    • An exception is the research sites which use a $sand background colour.

Ideal spacing around the logo

Ideally the logo should have padding around it equal to the width of its crest. This is important for a public facing websites and less so for internal sites which may have system restrictions on the header space.

ACU logo spacing

ACU logo versions (downloads)

The logo is available in to two formats - SVG (preferred usage) and PNG.


How to use:

  • The background colour should be set in the header wrapper by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • The logo height should also be set by CSS.

Logo downloads

Code samples


ACU favicon

Most web browsers support a favicon to represent a website's identity in much the same way as the logo is used within the web page. A favicon, however, appears on a browser's address bar, and sometimes in the browser's history and bookmarks list.

The ACU favicon represents the ACU shield in $red--100 with a $white background.

Favicon download and link

Alternatively, within the header of the site, create the following link:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

Sub-branded logos at ACU

As part of the rebrand – the university has established a new brand architecture – a framework which more clearly defines the various relationships sub entities should have to the overarching organisation – both in nomenclature but also in design. One of the key principles was establishing the ACU parent brand above all sense – emphasising that our sense of identity comes first and foremost from the organisation we belong too – which has led to the elimination of vast majority of sub logos and brands that previously existed at ACU, with very few exceptions made.

Requests for a new sub-branded logo or visual identity at ACU should be made via the ACU Design team in the first instance. Please note, you must present a strong business case in writing and that all requests are subject to the approval of the Director of Marketing.

Student facing logos

Research institute logos